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The Drones World Tour officially began on November 17th, 2015 in Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico. Prior to the first concert, Muse have also released an official trailer for the Drones World Tour which can be seen here.


The official beginning of the tour was on November 17th in Mexico City, and the tour will last until summer of 2016.

This is also the first time the band are performing in the middle of the arena on a 360 stage, with the audience surrounding them, giving them a 360 degree audio/visual experience.

According to Matt, this is their version of the famous Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Stage/Production Design

The stage consists of a round circle in the middle of the arena with two runways, spanning across the entire arena, each one with a bigger hammerhead stage on the end. The stage and the runways are low, , so the band can get intimate with the crowd, while the two hammerheads are at stage-level. Located underneath the two hammerheads are the tech bunkers. These smaller b-stages are also equipped with one raiser each (one for Chris and one for Matt and his piano). This is also the first Muse stage to feature no drum raiser, and Morgan's equipment is placed in a bunker/hole lowered into the stage, facing the other direction.

Above the main circle is a tube-shaped LCD screen, displaying some visuals, while other visuals can also be projected on transparent curtains, placed above the runways, which can lower or raise at any time during the concert. The visual aspects of the tour are held by Moment Factory, a Montreal-based new media and entertainment studio, which have worked on tours of various musical artists such as Bon Jovi, Madonna, Imagine Dragons and Nine Inch Nails as well as held their own visual art installations across the world.

The tour also includes 16 custom made self-controlled drones, made in partnership with a Dutch company. These drones are controlled by a custom written computer programs and sensors which help control them are placed around the venues. These drones are, when not in use, "parked" on trusses above the stage. Alongside these 16 drones is a bigger inflatable drone shaped like a military aircraft/drone, hovering above the audience during certain parts of songs such as the middle part of The Globalist. On the 5th night in Paris, two of the bigger drones were used. This was also the only time so far that they've used two instead of one.

During Mercy, confetti, shaped like "Drones" stick figures are deployed above the audience.

When the band enters the arena, they're escorted into the arena by the "Revolt" police.

Unlike previous tours, no CO2 streamers are used during or at the end of the show.

During their stay in Brussels, instead of the usual place on the hovering construction above the stage, Drone stations had to be placed on the floor due to the height restrictions of the venue.

Average setlist

  • Drones (choir track)
  • Psycho
  • Dead Inside
  • Hysteria (w/ Interlude)
  • Plug in Baby / Bliss / Citizen Erased
  • Isolated System (Shortened)
  • The Handler
  • Map of the Problematique / Resistance
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Starlight (w/ Prelude)
  • United States of Eurasia / Apocalypse Please / Feeling Good
  • Munich Jam
  • Madness
  • Undisclosed Desires / Resistance (if not played earlier)
  • Reapers / Revolt / Stockholm Syndrome / Hysteria (w/Interlude) (If not played earlier) (w/ JFK)
  • Time is Running Out
  • Uprising
  • The Globalist
  • Drones (Reprise)
  • Take a Bow
  • Mercy
  • Knights of Cydonia (w/ Man with a Harmonica)

Note: Several minor setlist changes were made during the first couple of gigs (such as Reapers opening and Psycho being the second track) of the tour, allthough the setlist have became consistent throughout the US and Canadian tours.


Date Venue Location
2016-06-21 Olimpiski Moscow, Russia
2016-06-17 Žalgirio Arena Kaunas, Lithuania
2016-06-16 Riga Arena Riga, Latvia
2016-06-14 Hartwall Arena Helsinki, Finland
2016-06-12 Telenor Arena Oslo, Norway
2016-06-11 Ericsson Dome Stockholm, Sweden
2016-06-09 Forum Copenhagen, Denmark
2016-06-08 Forum Copenhagen, Denmark
2016-06-06 Barclaycard Arena Hamburg, Germany
2016-06-04 O2 Arena Prague, Czech Republic
2016-06-03 Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin, Germany
2016-05-21 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-20 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-18 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-17 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-15 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-14 Mediolanum Forum Milan, Italy
2016-05-12 Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland
2016-05-11 Hallenstadion Zurich, Switzerland
2016-05-09 Wiener Stadthalle Vienna, Austria
2016-05-06 Barclaycard Center Madrid, Spain
2016-05-05 Barclaycard Center Madrid, Spain
2016-05-03 MEO Arena Lisbon, Portugal
2016-05-02 MEO Arena Lisbon, Portugal
2016-04-18 SSE Hydro Glasgow, Scotland
2016-04-17 SSE Hydro Glasgow, Scotland
2016-04-15 O2 Arena London, England
2016-04-14 O2 Arena London, England
2016-04-12 O2 Arena London, England
2016-04-11 O2 Arena London, England
2016-04-09 Manchester Arena Manchester, England
2016-04-08 Manchester Arena Manchester, England
2016-04-06 The SSE Arena Belfast, Northern Ireland
2016-04-05 3Arena Dublin, Ireland
2016-04-03 O2 Arena London, England
2016-04-02 Barclayard Arena Birmingham, England
2016-03-31 Olympiahalle Munich, Germany
2016-03-16 Palais 12 Brussels, Belgium
2016-03-15 Palais 12 Brussels, Belgium
2016-03-13 Palais 12 Brussels, Belgium
2016-03-12 Palais 12 Brussels, Belgium
2016-03-10 Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016-03-09 Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016-03-07 Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016-03-06 Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany
2016-03-04 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-03-03 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-03-01 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-02-29 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-02-27 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-02-26 Bercy Arena Paris, France
2016-02-01 Verizon Center Washington, DC, USA
2016-01-31 Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, PA, USA
2016-01-29 Prudential Center Newark, NJ, USA
2016-01-27 Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY, USA
2016-01-25 TD Garden Boston, MA, USA
2016-01-23 Centre Vidéotron Quebec City, QC, Canada
2016-01-21 Centre Bell Montréal, QC, Canada
2016-01-20 Centre Bell Montréal, QC, Canada
2016-01-18 Centre Vidéotron Quebec City, QC, Canada
2016-01-16 Air Canada Centre Toronto, ON, Canada
2016-01-14 Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI, USA
2016-01-13 United Center Chicago, IL, USA
2016-01-09 Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, NV, USA
2016-01-07 Valley View Casino Center San Diego, CA, USA
2015-12-19 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA, USA
2015-12-18 Staples Center Los Angeles, CA, USA
2015-12-16 Valley View Casino Center San Diego, CA, USA
2015-12-15 Oracle Arena Oakland, CA, USA
2015-12-13 Moda Center Portland, OR, USA
2015-12-12 KeyArena Seattle, WA, USA
2015-12-10 Rogers Arena Vancouver, BC, Canada
2015-12-06 Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, NV, USA
2015-12-05 Gila River Arena Phoenix, AZ, USA
2015-12-02 American Airlines Center Dallas, TX, USA
2015-12-01 Toyota Center Houston, TX, USA
2015-11-20 Palacio de los Deportes - 20th Mexico City, Mexico
2015-11-18 Palacio de los Deportes - 18th Mexico City, Mexico
2015-11-17 Palacio de los Deportes - 17th Mexico City, Mexico
2015-11-11 Los Angeles Sports Arena (Dress Rehearsal show) Los Angeles, CA, USA

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