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The Drones festivals tour began with Muse headlining at the Glastonbury Festival 2016 on June 24th 2016. It will last throughout the summer and end at the end of August.


The festivals tour began shortly after the arena tour ended with Muse headlining for the third time at the Glastonbury Festival and ended with Muse's performance at Krakow Live.

Stage Design/Production

The overall design of the stage is minimalistic and stripped back, compared to previous festival stage designs. Behind the band are 11 cuboid monoliths with LED screens at the front and see-through panels at the sides which allow the sides to be lit up. They can move forward or back. According to Matt, it is all controlled by hands and no machines are used in the process of controlling the monoliths. The piano was only used for The Globalist and was always (apart from the last gig) the Upright Piano, and like the rest of the tour no Co2 cannons where used during or at the end of the show.

Typical Setlist

  • Drill Sergeant + Pyscho
  • Plug in Baby
  • Interlude + Hysteria
  • Bliss/Stockholm Syndrome/Butterflies + Hurricanes/Citizen Erased
  • Isolated System
  • The Handler
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Munich Jam
  • Madness
  • Dead Inside
  • Starlight
  • Time is Running Out
  • The Globalist
  • Drones
  • Uprising (extended)
  • Mercy
  • Knights of Cydonia


  • Sometimes an additional song is played before Isolated System such as Map of the Problematique.
  • Assassin and Resistance where played in the 4th slot on occasion.
  • The setlist used for Glastonbury Festival was slightly different than the rest of the tour as it featured Reapers after Psycho, Stockholm Syndrome before The Globalist, Starlight played after Supermassive Black Hole and JFK preceding Hysteria which was played later in the set.


Date Venue Location
2016-08-21 Krakow Live Krakow, Poland
2016-08-20 Rock am See Konstanz, Germany
2016-08-19 Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
2016-08-13 Sziget Festival Budapest, Hungary
2016-08-06 Laugardalsholl Reykjavik, Iceland
2016-07-29 Rock The City Bucharest, Romania
2016-07-26 Istanbul Blue Night Istanbul, Turkey
2016-07-23 Ejekt Festival Athens, Greece
2016-07-19 Paléo Festival Nyon, Switzerland
2016-07-18 Nîmes Festival Nîmes, France
2016-07-16 Festival Internacional de Benicàssim Benicàssim, VC, Spain
2016-07-14 Gurten Festival Berne, Switzerland
2016-07-08 U-Park Festival Kyiv, Ukraine
2016-07-02 Auditorium Stravinski (Montreux Jazz Festival) Montreux, Switzerland
2016-06-30 Garorock Festival Marmande, France
2016-06-28 Eiffel Tower Paris, France
2016-06-24 Worthy Farm (Glastonbury Festival) Pilton, UK

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