Sydney Allphones Arena 2013 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Allphones Arena
Date 13th December 2013[source?]
Location Sydney, NS
Country Australia
Songs 20[source?]
Support Birds of Tokyo[source?]
Start (UTC+11)
Sold out? Unknown


Last gig of The 2nd Law World Tour. Last performances of Follow Me, Explorers, Guiding Light, and Montpellier Jam to date.


After Supremacy Bellamy "G'day Sydney!"
After Follow Me "Yes Sydney! You guys sound amazing! You're the best crowd we've had in Australia so far!
After Undisclosed Desires *beatboxing*

"Come on Sydney! Is this the best city in the world or what come on!"

Before Plug in Baby "This song's for Ken and Cathy...and all the good times we've had...and many more to come."
Before Starlight "Thank you Sydney! We're so happy to end our world tour here tonight, you guys have been the best crowd we've had for a long time, thank you so much for coming out to see us. Come on!"
During Starlight "Santa Claus is coming come on!"
Before Survival "I'd like to dedicate this next song to our wonderful crew who have been with us for over a year now - some of them more than 15 years. They build this monstrosity every day, working their arse off. Three cheers for the crew - hip hip! (hooray!) hip hip! (hooray!) hhhhbifkldsjashiphip! (hooray!) Come on!"
After Survival "Yes Sydney! We've had a wonderful time being here tonight, thank you!"
Howard "Thank you Sydney! You guys are fucking awesome, we love you so much, you're an amazing audience. It's great to end our tour here. Thank you so much, we'll see you again. Merry Christmas! Cheers see ya."