Paris Cigale 2018 (gig)

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The Setlist
Muse show
Venue La Cigale (By Request Show)[1]
Date 24 th February 2018[2]
Location Paris[1]
Country France
Songs 20[3]
Support None
Start 21:00
Capacity 954 - 1389[1]
Price (EUR) 66.00 (without fees)
Sold out? Yes[4]

Announced on February 15, 2018


Muse are pleased to announce a special ‘By Request’ show in Paris, France at La Cigale on 24 February.

The show will be streamed live on the band’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter/Periscope and YouTube) and include real time fan voting. Ticket holders can choose their Top 5 tracks and all votes submitted with be collated and used to curate the set on the night.

Tickets will be available 17 February (tomorrow) at 10am CET. In an effort to combat touts there is a two ticket limit. In addition, names will be printed on all tickets & you must show matching valid government identification to enter the venue. Name changes on tickets are prohibited.

To purchase tickets, log in to the Members Section to retrieve your unique code. Please note that your unique code will not be visible until ONE HOUR before the on sale tomorrow. You must have been registered to the Members Section before 6 February 2018 to be eligible to receive a code.

Song information

  • This is the live debut of Thought Contagion.
  • Eternally Missed was played for the first since 2002. Matt commented that he was surprised that the song made it to the top 6.
  • There was a misunderstanding during Agitated as Dom started to play the outro of the song after the first chorus while Matt and Chris were playing the song entirely. Finally the song was played in its entirety.
  • Yes Please was an abbreviated version - first verse and chorus only.
  • Muscle Museum, Showbiz, Fury and Eternally Missed were all played half a step down.
  • First performance of Helsinki Jam and Space Dementia (with the guitar outro) since 2011.
  • This is the first time since 2013 that Knights of Cydonia wasn't played in a non-promotional gig.
  • If Agitated and Yes Please is not counted as songs but as outros and if the voting category name is considered, then this has been first time since 2007 that Stockholm Syndrome has closed the set.
  • Agitated and Yes Please weren't on the setlist.
  • As indicated in the set-list paper, this is rare occurrence of Bellamy playing the guitar through out the whole of Uprising, because the guitar has been given to Nicholls instead ever since the start of the Drones World tour.



Just like with the previous By Request gig, the ticket holders were able to vote for their songs on SetTheSet, albeit the selection of songs available and amount of songs has been decreased. Some songs like Stockholm Syndrome, Fury, Citizen Erased and more did not appear in the voting options. The voting ran from February 17th 14:00 (CET) till February 20th 24:00 (CET).

On the gig date, Muse ask fans on Facebook three questions about which song could they play:

  • Which japanese bonus track should Muse play next? "Fury" or "Futurism" - Fury won
  • Which prog song should Muse play next? "Butterflies & Hurricanes" or "Citizen Erased" - Citizen Erased won
  • How should Muse end the set? "Knights of Cydonia" or "Stockholm Syndrome" - Stockholm Syndrome won

Song Choices

Bold are songs that were never played live. Italic are songs that haven't been played since 2012. Both bold and italic are songs that haven't been played since 2006.

  • Dig Down
  • Psycho
  • Dead Inside
  • Reapers
  • The Handler
  • Madness
  • Supremacy
  • Panic Station
  • Undisclosed Desires
  • Resistance
  • Uprising
  • Starlight
  • Assassin
  • Glorious
  • Map of the Problematique
  • Easily
  • City of Delusion
  • Invincible
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • The Groove
  • Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
  • Sing For Absolution
  • Eternally Missed
  • Hysteria
  • Time Is Running Out
  • Dead Star
  • New Born
  • Plug In Baby
  • Hyper Music
  • Bliss
  • Space Dementia
  • Micro Cuts
  • Map of Your Head
  • Feeling Good
  • Cave
  • Sunburn
  • Uno
  • Unintended
  • Showbiz
  • Muscle Museum

Voting Results

Right after the gig, Matt tweeted out the results of the voting:

Number Song # of Votes
1 Showbiz 364
2 Muscle Museum Unknown (prob. around 280)
3 Space Dementia 252
4 New Born 197
5 Bliss 191
6 Eternally Missed 191
7 Assassin 163
8 Dead Star 163
9 Plug in Baby 161
10 Sing for Absolution 152

While Matt did tweet the position Muscle Museum is, he didn't give the number of votes it got.


Note: In the official YouTube video upload of Thought Contagion performance[5], the part where Bellamy says "We know you didn't come for that but thank you!" has been cut.

When Who What
After Thought Contagion Bellamy "Thank you very much, thank you! We know you didn't come for that but thank you!"
Before Eternally Missed "Thank you very much. Merci, merci. So here we go, here we go with the deep-cuts. I was very surprised by this one. Must be something with the French, the French must like it. Haven't played this song for, what, 15.. 16 years. Something like that. One of you probably knows, I know I don't, long time ago."
After Eternally Missed "Thank you!"
Before Space Dementia "Okay. I'm gonna fuck this up, I guarantee it."
After Space Dementia "There's probably, probably load of like Americans watching this on Facebook like 'what the hell is this, what is this'."
Before Fury Bellamy & Howard Bellamy: "Okay, guys. So we had, so people online are voting for some songs. The first song they are voting for is the best Japanese bonus track, and the nominees are Fury & Futurism. Dom.. We don't know, we don't know. Dom has the results, they just came in. So here we go." Howard: "I have the envelope right here, so we are about to find out. Futurism or Fury, here we go. So the winner is: *whistles* it's Fury!"
After Fury Bellamy "Thank you."
Before Psycho Bellamy "Okay. We're outside a tiny bit of early 2000s, just for one second, just for one song. Actually, having said that, this riff was probably written in.. this riff was probably written in.. like what.. 2000, 2001."
After Psycho "Merci beaucoup!"
Before Showbiz "Yes, uhh, yeah.. I have a feeling, I have a feeling every time we do by request this song is always gonna win."
After Showbiz "It's a good tune, it's a good tune, good tune."
After Uprising "Merci beaucoup, merci!"
Before Citizen Erased Bellamy & Howard Bellamy: "So we have another online vote happening. The category is best progressive rock song. The nominees are Butterflies & Hurricanes or Citizen Erased. Dom has the results." Howard: "And the winner is.. Voting online it was 72% of the votes." Bellamy: "That's a clear win!" Howard: "That's a clear win. Citizen Erased!"
After Citizen Erased Bellamy "Merci, merci beaucoup!"
Before Bliss "I am glad this next song made the TOP 10. My favorite song on Origin of Symmetry."
After Bliss "Merci, Paris!"
Before Muscle Museum "Okay, time for another real old, old bastard. thought i would get away, I thought I would get away with not playing it, but of course not, of course you are not gonna let us go away with it. Okay."
After Muscle Museum "Thank you!"
Before Assassin "Thank you very much, thank you. You guys are awesome, thank you so much, thank you!"
After Assassin "Thank you!"
Before Stockholm Syndrome Bellamy & Howard Bellamy: "Thank you very much, we love you Paris, we love you so much. We've missed you, we've missed being here. Should have one more song which is voted for online again, so, the category is best ending to a set-list. The nominees are Stockholm Syndrome and Knights of Cydonia. Dom has the results." Howard: "Okay, this is it. It's end of the night, okay, the winner is.. *Wooh*, with 51% of the votes.. God that's tight. It's Stockholm Syndrome!"
After Yes Please Bellamy "Merci Paris, we love you!"