Napa Valley Expo 2018 (gig)

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BottleRock Napa Valley 2018 line-up
Friday Lineup
Muse show
Venue Napa Valley Expo[1] (Bottlerock Napa Valley)
Date 25 th May 2018[2]
Location Napa, CA[3]
Country USA
Songs 19[source?]
Support Earth, Wind & Fire et al.[2]
Start (GMT-7) 20:15[4]
Capacity 40,000
Price (USD) $339 - $3900[2]
Sold out? Yes[5]

Announced on January 8th, 2018. Part of the Summer Festivals Tour 2018.


Muse are headlining BottleRock in Napa, California on 25 May 2018.

Tickets available Tuesday 9 January at 10a PST at

The show was broadcasted live on Twitter[6] and the recording of it is available on MuseBootlegs.

This marked the first performance of Unsustainable since 2015 and the final performance of Munich Jam.


After Psycho Bellamy "Good evening Bottle Rock, how it's going?".
After Hysteria "Our favourite band from San Francisco, big influence since we were kids, big influence. (???) been around here. (while playing Too Many Puppies riff)"
After Madness "Thank you Napa!"
Before Starlight "How do you guys feeling? It's great to be here, let me see your hands"
After Time Is Running Out "Yes!"
Before Mercy "Let me see your hands"
After Knights of Cydonia "Thank you people from Napa valley! Thank you people from San Francisco! Thank you California, thank you USA! We love you.