Charlotte Motor Speedway 2018 (gig)

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Carolina Rebellion
Muse show
Venue Charlotte Motor Speedway (Carolina Rebellion)[1]
Date 6 th May 2018[1]
Location Charlotte, NC[2]
Country USA
Songs 14[source?]
Support Incubus et al.[1]
Start (GMT-4) 21:40
Capacity 94,000
Price (US$) $199 - $820[3]
Sold out?

Announced on December 4, 2017. Part of the Summer Festivals Tour 2018.


Tickets were available at the Carolina Rebellion website.

The show was broadcast on SiriusXM Octane radio on 8th May, 2018.[4] Take A Bow, Time Is Running Out, Isolated System and Munich Jam were not part of the broadcast.

During Time Is Running Out, Matt's guitar had technical problems, and during the first bridge, he threw the guitar away and swapped it for another one.[5]

Last performance of Map of the Problematique to date.


After Psycho Bellamy "(???)".
After Thought Contagion "(???) festival, come on! "
After Take a Bow "How it's going North Carolina?!"
After Knights of Cydonia Howard "Yes Carolina, you fucking rock, thank you so much, (???) see you again, cheers."