Maidstone The Maidstone Studios 2015 (gig)

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Pre-show selfie
Bellamy performing
Muse show
Venue The Maidstone Studios (Later... with Jools Holland)
Date 26th May 2015
Location Maidstone
Country United Kingdom
Songs 4
Support None
Start (GMT)
Sold out?

A TV promo show in support of Drones.


Muse performed at the Jools Holland show together with Sleater-Kinney, Melody Gardot and Giorgio Moroder.

During the first rendition of Psycho, Bellamy's in-ear monitor (IEM) pack fell out, leaving him with no monitor mix to play with on live TV.[1] This forced them to skip the chorus after the second-to-last Drill Sergeant part and the guitar solo, going directly to the last chorus, making this, so far, the only performance of Psycho with the song being shortened.



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