Norwich Earlham Park 2015 (gig)

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Official Poster
Muse show
Venue Earlham Park[1]
Date 23rd May 2015[1]
Location Norwich[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 12[source?]
Support Florence + The Machine et al.[source?]
Start (UTC) 21:55[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

First gig of the Drones Festivals Tour


Muse headlined the festival on May 23rd, 2015 alongside 5 Seconds of Summer, Ben Howard, Charli XCX, David Guetta, Fall Out Boy, Florence + The Machine and The Vaccines.[2]

This is the first time in nine years since Muse performed at the main stage of BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. Their last performance was in 2006, and it was the first performance in the Black Holes and Revelations era.

First gig where Psycho isn't the opener since it's first appearance and also the first gig where Reapers opened the set. Hullaballoons were released during Bliss. Confetti were released during Mercy.

This gig also marked the debut of the Manson Matt Black 2.0 #4 and 5, Manson Matt Black Stealth #2 and #3, Manson Copper Bomber 2.0, Manson Matt Black Stealth 2.0 and the Manson Mirror 2.0


Before Dead Inside Bellamy "Thank you Norwich! How you guys doing? You had a good day? Oh yes. Let me tell you how I'm feeling. No, I'm just kidding."
After Mercy "Thank you!"
After Hysteria "Thank you very much!"
During Uprising "Go Norwich!"
After Plug in Baby "Thank you very much!"
After Starlight "Thank you very much, you guys have been great! It's good to be back in England."
After Knights of Cydonia "Thank you very much! Thank you for seeing us! Thank you!"
Howard "Hey thanks! Thank you, Norwich! It's great to see you, it's been way too long! Thank you, cheers. Radio One, have a good weekend! See you later, thank you!