Lisbon Bela Vista Park 2018 (gig)

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Rock in Rio Lisboa 2018
The Setlist
Muse show
Venue Bela Vista Park[1] (Rock In Rio[source?])
Date 23 rd June 2018[1]
Location Lisbon[2]
Country Portugal
Songs 17[source?]
Support TBA[1]
Start 23:10
Price (US$) $83.38 - $386.70[1]
Sold out?

Announced on December 4, 2017. Last show of the Summer Festivals Tour 2018.


After Psycho Bellamy "Boa noite, Lisboa! (good night Lisbon!)".
Before Plug in Baby "We go!"
After Resistance "Obrigado (Thank you)".
After Madness "Obrigado, how it's going Lisbon?"
Before Starlight "Let me hear you scream!"
After Starlight "Muito obrigado (Thank you so much)"
After Time is Running Out "Yes Portugal!"
Before Mercy "Put your hands in the air"
Before Uprising "Evil laughing"
After Uprising "Yes, oh yes!"
After Knights of Cydonia "Obrigado Lisboa, we love you! Portugal! We'll back here next year"
After Knights of Cydonia Howard "Obrigado, we love you guys so much, thank you. Let's see you again, cheers, you're awesome crowd, have a good night"


PORTUGAL! Muse are headlining Rock In Rio in Lisbon on 23 June 2018.

After the 0123 riff, Matt dragged his guitar on the ground and kicked around, knocking it out of tune. As Chris began to play the Reapers outro, Matt fixed the tuning before continuing to play.

For the 2nd time, Matt played the solo for Supermassive Black Hole on the Kaoss Pad with his tongue.