Wolstenholme's tattoos

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Wolstenholme's tattoos

Wolstenholme has some tattoos on his arms as well as one on his back.

His first tattoo was done in Japan, by an amateur tattoo artist. It is in Japanese and is the name of his oldest son, Alfie. His second tattoo is on his left arm, the name of his daughter, Ava. The third is on the back, in Japanese characters, and is the name of his third child, Frankie. In September 2009, he got the name of his fourth child, Ernie, and his wife's name tattooed on his forearms, in Arabic. on 17 April 2013 he tattooed a baby with boxing gloves with the name of child 'Buster'and a bird with the name of his youngest child 'Teddi'.

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