Wales Newport Centre 2015 (gig)

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Hullabaloons for the first time since The Resistance Tour
The Setlist
Muse show
Venue Newport Centre[1]
Date 19th March 2015[2]
Location Newport[3]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 15[source?]
Support Marmozets[4]
Start (GMT) 9PM[source?]
Price £42[source?]
Sold out? Unknown


Part of Psycho UK Tour. It was the first time Muse have performed in Newport since their gig in November 2001 as part of the Origin Of Symmetry Tour. It was also the first time Muse have brought back the Hullabaloons since the end of The Resistance Tour.

Futurism was played for the third time ever. Assassin was played (in its extended form) for the first time since 2007.

This gig also marks the first time after the end of The 2nd Law Tour to not include any songs from the album The 2nd Law.

This is the first time songs released after Black Holes & Revelations have been played in Wales

Last performance of Unnatural Selection to date.