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Hello there, random passerby. I, like yourself, am a huge Muse fan, which explains why I have an account for this website. My favorite songs by the three gentlemen are Dead Star, Bliss, and Stockholm Syndrome, though the list is subject to change.

I am a fan of many other bands, usually alternative rock, including Coldplay and Radiohead. I do dabble in harder stuff, though, like Rage Against The Machine.

Before I let up with my visceral grip of narcissistic profiling, I am also a musician. I play acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, organ, and Irish tin whistle, among others. I currently own a Gibson Les Paul Studio Satin, which paired with my Fender Frontman amp and Fuzz Factory (among other effects), sounds radical. As you can tell, I'm proud of my instruments.

Now go! Be free! Do something of worth, as I have wasted a maximum of 2 minutes of your life already!