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This page contains a list of all known performances of tourette's.

Analysis and Explanation

tourette's stands as the only cover song Muse performed live until Feeling Good in 1999. tourette's was only performed at the band's first two gigs and was likely not performed live after. It is believed that no demo or audio recording of tourette's was made, making tourette's one of the few songs known to be played live without any available recording.

It is likely that no one will ever be able to hear this song apart from the people who attended the gigs.

Pre-Showbiz era


Date Venue Location
1994-03-?? Dawlish Sports Centre (roller discothèque) Dawlish, UK
1994-02-?? Broadmeadow Sports Centre (Battle of the Bands) Teignmouth, UK

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This is a table of demo-era live performances.

Note: white indicates performed at the gig listed above.

Black indicates no known performance that gig.

Last updated: March 16, 2017.

Song Title 02/1994 03/1994 11/26/1994 10/11/1995 02/07/1997 03/31/1997 06/05/1997 01/15/1999 01/25/1999 #
A Turn to Stone 1
Pointless Loss 1
Small Minded 1
tourette's 2
Weakening Walls 2
Yellow Regret 1
Cut Me Down 1
Emotion Coming 1
Who Knows, Who Cares 1
Backdoor 1
Fashionless 1
Jigsaw Memory 1
Boredom 2
Rain 3
Swm 1

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