Space Dementia (tablature)

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Space Dementia

Chords used:

Em	022000
C	332010
F#	244322
B7	x24242
F#7	242322
Emadd9	024000
F#dim	xx421x
G6	322000
Am	x02210
Bm	x24432
B7/D#	xx1202
B	x2444x
Dm	xx0231
A/C#	x4222x
Am/C	x32210
A7	x02020
A6	x02222
G7	320001
D5	xx023x
B5	x244xx
F	133211
D/C	x3x232
G/B	x20033
Gm	3x0333
D/A	x00232


Em / C / F# / B7 / Em / C / F#7	/ F#7 / B7

Verse 1:(clean)

Emadd9             F#dim
Mmm, H-8 is the one for me
It gives me all I need
         Am                     Bm    F#    Bm      B7/D#
Helps me co-exist with the chill               Ooh

Verse 2:

You make me sick
Because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
            Am                 Bm	F#   Bm     B7/D#
and twisted games you play on me                Ooh

Chorus 1:

Em / B / Dm / A/C# / Am/C / B7

E     Em   A7        A6   Bm
Space de   meneia in your eyes
Dm  G7          C    F#7      B  D5
and peace will arise and tear us apart
E             F      F#7        B5	B7
  and make us meaningless again

Verse 3:

You'll make us wanna die
I'd cut your name in my heart
We'll destroy this world for you
I know you want me to
          Bm	F#	Bm	B7/D#
Feel your pain

Chorus 2: As chorus 1


Em / C / F#7 / B7 / Em / C / F#7 / B / Em

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