New York Brownies 2000 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Brownies[source?]
Date 20th April 2000[source?]
Location New York City, NY[source?]
Country USA
Songs 10
Support Unknown
Start Unknown (running late)[source?]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown


After Sunburn Bellamy "Thank you."
After Sober "Thank you. [?]...can you turn the [?] right down."
After Muscle Museum "Thanks."
After Screenager "Thanks. Ooooooooo."
After Cave "Thank you. Turn the [?] down Shaun. And this one up."
Before Showbiz "This is our last song. We're Muse from England. And uh, this is our last song. It's off, it's off the album we made. And it's uh, it's called Showbiz this one. Cheers! Bye."


A video of the gig surfaced in 2013 in Vimeo uploaded by Michael Dubin.[1]

Before Showbiz, Bellamy plays what sounds like a very early form of Citizen Erased.

Chris' bass cut out during the Ashamed outro.



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