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My Chemical Romance is a Rock band from New Jersey, US, who have supported Muse on numerous occasions in the US and once in the UK.

Gerard Way, the lead vocalist of My Chemical Romance, announced at their 11th December 2006 concert '89x Stole Christmas' in Detroit, that Muse and Rise Against will be opening for them during their 2007 tour.[1] This was later confirmed, and Muse opened for them on the second leg of their 2007 U.S. Tour, called "My Chemical Romance with The Black Parade". In an interview with Steven Smith on Steven's Untitled Rock Show, Way said "We hold Muse in such a high standard. They're an inspiration to us, and what they do I feel is groundbreaking every record. The fact that they would play in the US with us and support just meant the world to us".[2]

After cancelling My Chemical Romance's mid 2007 gigs at which Muse were scheduled to support, a Virginia chef was reported to have received death threats.[3] The Sun, who reported this, claimed that "My Chemical Romance and Muse have been caught up in a death threat scare" - it is unclear whether the bands were actually threatened themselves, or whether this is merely a misleading statement on The Sun's part.[3]

When Matthew Bellamy was asked about what influence he thought that their music would have on My Chemical Romance fans (during Muse's MCR support), he said "um, you know, take them to a higher level [laughs]".[4]

Howard in NME - "They're taking a style of music which you probably think they are and taking into a reallly expressive, epic, place. It really sounds very Queen and I love that. We have a bit of Queen in what we do too, so hearing that has made me appreciate their music a whole lot more. Their live show is amazing - they put a lot of energy and soul into their performance.

My Chemical Romance supported Muse on their second night at Wembley Stadium along with Biffy Clyro and Shy Child. After their performance, Way thanked Muse before going offstage.


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