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Cover art
Name millions – Music from the Motion Picture[1]
Tracks 14[2]
Total length Unknown
Recorded 2005
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy et al.
Producer Unknown
Art work Unknown
Publisher Milan[2]
Format(s) CD[2]
Catalogue № Unknown
Release date 30th May 2005[2]
Chart position Unknown
compilation chronology
Brit Awards 2005
millions – Music from the Motion Picture[1]

Track list

  1. House Building
  2. Muse – Blackout
  3. St. Francis of Assisi
  4. Feeder – Tumble and Fall
  5. Moving In/Lost Boy 1
  6. St. Nicholas/Damian and the Donkey Escape
  7. The Old House/In the Attic
  8. The Clash – Hitsville U.K.
  9. Chuggers/Sterling/Lost Boy 2
  10. S-Express – Brazil
  11. Ransacked
  12. Vangelis – La Petite Fille de la Mer
  13. Mum/Parachutes to Africa
  14. Nirvana – El Bosco


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