Melody Maker 2000-06-15 – 8th Coolest Person in Rock

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Coolest People in Rock... as voted for by Melody Maker readers: #8 Matt Bellamy

How does it fell to be voted one of the coolest people in rock?

Oh, dear! Is it just out of the people in England? Oh, dear, erm... it feels like someone I thought was naîve and innocent and nice has just put their finger up my arse with an evil grin on their face. Ha, ha! It's a bit weird.

What do you think makes you cool?

I'm putting it down to the natural selection of the chaos theory and probably just pratting around onstage a lot.

Do you have any tips on how to be cool?

Buy Melody Maker every week, cut out pictures of your favourite rock stars and put them all on your walls.

Who do you think is cool in 2000?

Ali G, definitely. Just because I like the suits that he wears that are made out of all that shiny material. Shiny tracksuits are the way ahead, I like that. And I like the fact that he takes the piss out of youth and stuff like that, that's quite funny. Would I go on the show? I dunno, I'm not sure if I'd be too embarrassed, but yeah, maybe I would.

Who is the coolest man of all time?

Tom Waits, because he still remains cool through middle age and that is incredibly rare. Not many people can still be cool at that age.

Who is the coolest woman of all time?

Erm, probably Mary, the mother of Jesus, because she got pregnant and made everyone believe she was still a virgin. That's extremely cool.

Which is the coolest city on the planet?

That would probably have to be New York City, because I heard someone say that if you ate in a different restaurant every night, it would take over 100 years to eat everywhere.

What's the coolest country on the planet?

England, definitely. Because that's where I'm from! And because it creates the best music.

What's your least cool moment?

My least cool moments are probably before gigs when I'm nervous - I get very unpleasant. One time, I actually smashed four bottles of very fine wine, which I should have kept for my wine cellar.

Who will never be cool?

Probably God, mainly because Satan introduced rock'n'roll first. And all those cloaks and everything? Not a good look.

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