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Bellamy bleeding

Matthew Bellamy hit himself with his Seven String Manson guitar in Atlanta Cotton Club on 9th April 2004 during the beginning of Citizen Erased, the 5th song on the set list.[1] He tried to continue and started to sing but stopped because the wound was too bad, then apologised for what happened and Muse ended the show.

He later recalled the incident as having happened due to stage being smaller than the ones he had become used to during the previous European tour. He described the incident as "pretty rough". This recollection contained a mistake however, in that he did not fall.[2]

On 2012 29th November, Matt broke two bones in his foot by playing with his dog in his garden in L.A. He tweeted "Ouch! Broke my foot... " and few hours later "On crutches for a while :( ". Muse cancelled three gigs in Scandinavia, and they came back on stage on the 10th December in Helsinki.

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