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Acoustic Manson

Manson acoustic 1.jpg
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Acoustic Manson
Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Used 20th May 2017
Body type Black Gloss paint front with white binding, natural back and sides
Neck joint Unknown
Body covering Unknown
Wood Body: Unknown
Neck: unknown
Fingerboard: (22 frets)
Bridge Unknown
Electronics none /unknown
Pickup(s) LR Baggs M1 (installed later)
Special circuits


After working on new Acoustic material, Matt decided it was time to have a custom Manson acoustic guitar designed for him based on the "Mattocaster" Shape. It was designed and built by Hugh Manson's brother, Andy, a specialist in acoustic design.

Before Simulation Theory came out, it has only been used live during 2017's acoustic versions of Undisclosed Desires, and later in 2018 in a few Something Human and a Dig Down Acoustic performance during the promo tour. It was used later in 2019 for the Simulation Theory tour by Bellamy in Propaganda.

Songs used for