Lyon Ninkasi 2000 (gig)

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Chris with Ninkasi Show Schedule
Matt playing the acoustic guitar
Matt on guitar
Matt shredding
Muse show
Venue Ninkasi[1]
Date 10th January 2000[1]
Location Lyon[1]
Country France
Songs Unknown
Support LTNO[2]
Start (UTC+1) 21:30[2], 19:30[2] (doors)
Capacity 600[3]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

Several songs were confirmed by online reviewers.[4] The full setlist today isn't known, and no recording of the show has surfaced.

Set list



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<gallery> File:2000-Lyon4.jpg|Matt before the gig File:2000-Lyon5.jpg|Chris with a fan File:2000-Lyon6.jpg|The crowd during the gig File:2000-Lyon7.jpg|The band with fans after the gig File:2000-Lyon8.jpg|Dom in the tour bus File:2000-Lyon9.jpg|Chris almost asleep on the couch File:2000-Lyon10.jpg|Chris from sometime that night File:2000-Lyon11.jpg|Matt doing an analogy File:2000-Lyon12.jpg|Chris before the show File:2000-Lyon13.jpg|Dom enjoying a slice in the bus </gallery

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