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Over Origin of Symmetry tour, the antics of Matthew were in full bloom. One such incident was Matthew filming Dom having sex with a kindly guest.

"You'd have to ask Dom that." Matt grins

"He'll deny it of course, but I've got video footage to prove it. I played it to him the other day and he didnt even recognise his own dick. He thought it was me, I was quite insulted seriously, after a party one night I went back to the dressing room and it was all dark. I heard some strange squelching noises in the corner, so I went out and got a video camera with night vision on it. I went back and got the last 10 seconds just as he went..."

"I got the money shot on tape," he spluners.

"Can you believe that?"

Before I can answer Dom strolls into the lounge, looking bemused by the peals of laughter around the bus.

"Whats going on here then?" he asks

[1]Kerrang - Sex, guys and videotape [June 23 2001]


  1. Kerrang - Sex, guys and videotape [June 23 2001]

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