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Hey Molly is an independent rock band based in Teignmouth.[1] The band supported Muse at the 2006 Eden Project concert, by sending in a demo tape and thereby winning a competition.[2]

Following two prior rehearsal sessions, Christopher Wolstenholme played percussion for the band during a Sub TV session, on the 12th of March 2008. The songs played included Wayward Country Boy, Backstreet Boozer Loser and Lately. The performance took place in a studio in Elephant and Castle, London. The reason for Wolstenholme stepping in for the Hey Molley's drummer was apparently that the latter was on holiday with family. He implied at the time that Hey Molly would be supporting Muse sometime during 2008 or 2009.[1]

Also, they supported Muse at the Seaside Rendezvous in Teignmouth, even though before hand not many people knew their songs, everyone seemed to love them.

Wolstenholme apparently thought Hey Molly "one of the best" up and coming bands in the UK, having been impressed first by their supporting performance at the aforementioned Eden Project concert.[1]


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