Herald Express 2006-12-05 – Muse to line up at Wembley

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11:00 - 05 December 2006

Teignmouth rockers Muse could be the first group to play at the new £757 million Wembley stadium.

They are booked for a one-off gig on June 16 next year, and are confident of pulling in 75,000 fans."This will be their biggest ever stadium concert, and could attract fans from all over the world who will also be attracted by visiting the new venue," said a spokesman for the trio.

"They could be the first band to play the new Wembley, because nobody else has been booked yet."

Muse are on the crest of a wave at the moment, with their latest album Black Holes and Revelations about to go platinum in UK. Worldwide sales are about two million, and they are in the middle of a hectic touring schedule in Europe, with Australia and the Far East to come in the New Year.

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