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Carnage Mayhem was the band Matthew Bellamy was in before he joined Dominic Howard's band, Gothic Plague, as guitarist[1] and vocalist[2]. Bellamy left for Gothic Plague after the former Gothic Plague guitarist left,[1] which was a result of either a "coincidence"[1] or convincing the band to kick the latter out.[3] He has claimed both of these reasons, it is unclear which is accurate. Carnage Mayhem was apparently less "cool" than Gothic Plague or Fixed Penalty.[1] As with the other pre-Rocket Baby Dolls bands, Carnage Mayhem played covers rather than original compositions.[1] One of the covers was a Michael Jackson song.[4]

Assuming a poster that surfaced in 2005 is genuine, Bellamy had left Carnage Mayhem by December 1992.[5][2]


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