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Zornik is an alternative rock band from Belgium which formed in 1999. The band consists of Koen Buyse (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Tom Barbier (guitars, keyboard) Bas Remans (bass) and Davy Deckmijn (drums). The band toured with Muse in 2002.[1]


Similarities to Muse

Zornik are inspired by Muse,[1] the results of which can be heard in multiple tracks. For example, the bass-line of their song Goodbye bears similarity to Muse's synth bass-lines, specifically Hysteria, as does the song's video to Hysteria's. Buyse also seems to emulate Bellamy's performance style and movements.[2]

Mr. X

On 30th May 2008, Muselive user 'Mr.X' posted a clip in the recordings section entitled 'inspireme'[3], which many users presumed to be a new Muse track, however it was found to actually be Zornik's song 'Black Hope Shot Down'[4]

From the title of Mr. X's topic and the parent post's text - "Inspiration is a man's greatest friend"[3] - two possibilities seem to be implied. One, that Muse have been inspired by this Zornik song, or two, that Mr. X or his associates believe 'Black Hope Shot Down' was inspired by Muse.

The guitar riff within the song is similar to Yes Please's. Given that Yes Please was first recorded in 1996/1997 and the song in question was released in 2008, the latter possibility is given some credence.


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