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'We Are The Universe' was a Twitter account, tweeting random awesome facts & feelings about Muse. It operated between November 2009 and March 2010, it was updated every day until discontinuing after 384 posts. The account no longer exists. 'We Are The Universe' was also on Facebook, however this page also no longer exists.

All the facts/tweets are still listed on the official blog: http://wearetheuniverse.tumblr.com/. It was updated every weekend, for all the busy Musers who couldn't log on to Twitter during the week, and still remains in service as of early 2011.

The name 'We Are The Universe' is shared by a piece of Intro music, which was used by Muse during their Resistance tour around the same time the Twitter account was active.

The Twitter account, and Facebook Page were once located at these links.