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About Us and the Uno Live Database

The Uno Live Database is a preservation project based around the band Muse and their live performances. Started in July 2016 by GameGear360, it was named after the first song completed, Uno. After realizing that certain Muse fan websites were falling apart, there became the risk that certain concerts that were only available on fan sites would be lost forever. It was decided that there should be a place that preserved all of Muse's live performances. Thus, an archival project was formed in July 2016.

As of December 2017, the project has amassed over 190 gigabytes of data, consisting of over 5000 videos.

It should be noted that nothing contained in this project is of original ownership by the project members. The data contained in the project has often been upgraded to include multiple angles and audio replacements in order to obtain the most complete performance. The contents of the project are only for the educational purpose of preservation to prevent the performance from being lost forever.

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