Thought Contagion (video)

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Muse video
Name Thought Contagion
Album/single Thought Contagion (Single), Eighth Album
Length 3:35
Initial air date February 15th, 2018
Filming Location Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
Director Lance Drake
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Another music video directed by Lance Drake, drawing influences from Michael Jackson's Thriller and San Junipero, a Black Mirror episode as well as Stranger Things. Visually, it heavily based on 80s aesthetics. The video also features Howard as a police officer, a poster with Wolstenholme, and Bellamy with a werewolf hand at the end.


  • Director: Lance Drake
  • Producer: Jeremy Hartman (Eastern Blocc LLC)
  • Actors: Sydney Paige Schafer, Kirill & Filipp Revega,
  • Dancers: Maggie Wade, Savannah Harrison, Tyy Wells, Aaron Czuprenski, Nico Lonetree, Daniel Bernardo, Eric Schloesser,
  • Choreography: Andrew Winghart
  • Make-Up: Alex Perrone
  • Scenic Artist: Elizabet Pukšto
  • Set Designers: Dan Sadleir, Owen Streeter
  • Steadicam Operator: Ari Robbins
  • Camera Operators: Matt Tompkins, Justin Moran-Duquette
  • Director of Photography: Todd Banhazl
  • Editing: Jeremiah Mayhew
  • Colorist: Billy Hobson
  • VFX: Oshin Studio/Shed La
  • Production Company: Eastern Block

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