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(Fan websites)
(Fan websites)
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|[[Muse Turkey/Turkish]]||[http://musetr.com musetr.com]
|[[Muse Turkey/Turkish]]||[http://musetr.com musetr.com]
|[[Pwoper Muse]]||[http://pwopermuse.tumblr.com]
|[[Showbiznet]]||[http://www.geocities.com/showbiznet geocities.com/showbiznet]
|[[Showbiznet]]||[http://www.geocities.com/showbiznet geocities.com/showbiznet]

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Please refrain from publishing RUBBISH and tasteless fan sites, though chances are I'll keep this page protected mwahahah :p Fan site webmasters, feel free to write a page for your website, just try and keep it uniform and consistent with the others.

When you're adding your link to our wiki, make sure you do the same on your site. ;)

NB: The websites are alphabetically ordered to prevent bickering over which site is better etc...

Fan websites

Title Link
Crazybobbles.org crazybobbles.org
The Dark Site of the Muse nerho.altervista.org
Eternally Missed musechile.com
Muse FANS muse-fans.com
InMuseWorld inmuseworld.net
Knights of Oceania knightsofoceania.co.nr
Microcuts.net microcuts.net
The Muscle Museum muza.cjb.net
Muse-Megalomania.net muse-megalomania.net
Muse4fans muse4fans.com
Museabuse www.museabuse.com
The Muse Archive public.fotki.com/TheMuseArchive
MuseBootlegs musebootlegs.com
MuseCast musecast.co.uk
MuseFans MuseFans French Site
Muse Links muselinks.net
Muselive.com www.muselive.com
Mused.biz mused.biz
MuseMuseum www.musemuseum.it
Muse Syndrome musesyndrome.com
Muse on Tour muse-on-tour.gportal.hu
Muse Turkey/Turkish musetr.com
Pwoper Muse [1]
Showbiznet geocities.com/showbiznet
Uno Muse uselesslug.net/uno/forums
WeAreTheUniverse twitter.com/weretheuniverse
Welcome to the Muscle Museum btinternet.com/~mrgnet/muse
iliekmuse.co.uk Iliekmuse.co.uk *
Museandamuse.com museandamuse.com *
MUSE-indo.com muse-indo.com *
muserock muserock.freeforums.org/index.php
MuseTorrents musetorrents.co.uk *
Shrinking Universe shrinkinguniverse.net *
Youtube Channel showbitz1

* = disappeared