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[[File:712CE.png|thumb|right|Taylor 712ce]]
{{Guitarbox |
{{Guitarbox |
| Name = Taylor 712ce
| Name = Taylor 712ce

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Taylor 712ce
Taylor 712ce
Manufacturer Taylor Guitars
Used 2007-01-16 - 2011-05-24
Body type Hollow, Grand Concert shape
Neck joint Fixed
Body covering Natural finish
Wood Body: Spruce
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge Fixed ebony bridge
Electronics Taylor Expression System
Pickup(s) None
Special circuits None


First used live for Soldier's Poem, it was also used on the first night at Wembley Stadium for Soldier's Poem and Unintended, and for Soldier's Poem again in Stockholm on the 21st October 2007.


The guitar was first used live at the 2007 Singapore gig for Soldier's Poem, replacing his previous acoustic guitar used in 2006.

Songs used for