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Muse song
Name Something Human
Length 3:46
Alternative titles Unknown
First live performance Unknown
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded 2017
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse
Chart position Unknown


"Something Human" is the title of Muse's latest single which was released July 19th, 2018. Bellamy said that the track is "intimate" and marks departure from the “dark, moody” Drones album.[1] The single's also going to be part of the new album.[2]

Song Meaning

Matt has also mentioned to Billboard: 'The song comes from when you do get a bit burnt out from being on the road for too long [...] “Something Human” came out, which is a more tender, down-to-earth, simplistic song about what it feels like to be burned out and wanting to get home to a more normal life after being on the road for a couple years.' [3]

The song was written right after the Drones world tour finished, which becomes apparent in the lyrics. The song appears to talk about going home and seeing the loved ones again, after a long time being separated far away.

Additional information

At the premiere of the Drones World Tour Movie, after the movie, at the post-credits scene, a teaser was played. The teaser was uploaded onto Muse's YouTube channel 5 days later, and can be viewed by clicking on this link

In the teaser, the population number on the traffic sign appears as '213,340,5057'. If you phone this number a bot is going to give you the lyrics for Something Human.


Something Human is one of the first songs after a long time Matt has written on acoustic guitar. Alongside acoustic guitar and clean bass, it features tribal drums and electronic drums, mixed with synth, giving a folk/country sounding song a futuristic vibe.

Music Video

Click here for the music video page.


My circuits have blown

I know its self imposed And all I have shared And all I have loved Is all I have known But something has changed I feel so alive My life just blew up I'll give it all up I'll depressurize

10000 miles left on the road 500 hours until I'm home I need something human, human

Lets face all our fears Come out of the shade Lets burn all the money Absolve all the lies And wake up unscathed The big picture is gone Replaced with visions of you Now life can begin I've cleansed all my sins I'm about to break through

5000 hours left on the road 200 hours until I'm home I need something human, human And I need the touch And something human

Less than a mile left on the road I'll be crawling though your door I need something human, human And I need your love And something human, human.


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