Pope Benedict XVI

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Head of the Catholic Church from April 2005 until his resignation in February 2013.[1]

What's he got to do with Muse?!

During late 2009 the Vatican released (via MySpace) a playlist of songs that the Pope was listening to at the moment.[2] One of the songs mentioned on the playlist was Uprising!

Here is the Playlist as published:


1. Advocata Nostra - Music From The Vatican. From the album Alma Mater featuring the voice of Pope Benedict XVI.

2. Uprising - Muse. This is the first single from the fifth studio album, called The Resistance, by the English rock band.

3. Causa Nostrae Laetitiae - Music From The Vatican. Another track from the Vatican's own Alma Mater album.

4. Il Mare Mi Salva - Rossomalpelo. Song from the band led by contemporary Italian singer songwriter Serge Gaggiotti

5. After The Rain - Dame Shirley Bassey. Track from her recently released album The Performance.

6. Coexist - Nour Eddine. Song from Moroccan Musician, based in Italy,

7. Don Giovanni - Mozart. Famous opera about an amorous young nobleman.

8. Rafaele Merry Del Val - Lorenzo Perosi Inni Mottetti e Canzoni, Pablo Colino & Coro Academica Filarmonica Romana. Piece of classical music.

9. He Doesn't Know Why - Fleet Foxes. Song from up and coming folk indie five piece from Seattle in the US who came to prominence in 2008.

10. Changes - Tupac Shakur. American rapper who was killed in 1996.

11. Regina Coeli - Music From The Vatican. Another song from the Vatican's own album.

12. Mi sarete Testimoni - Santo Subito! (DVD). Music DVD embodying the voice and image of The Pope.


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