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Muse song
Name Popcorn
Album/single Resistance vinyl (2)
Length 2:25
Alternative titles -
First live performance 4th September 2009
Latest live performance 9th September 2009
Recorded 2010
Writer/composer Gershon Kingsley
Producer Muse



A live cover of the synthpop song that became popular in the 1970s when it was covered by Hot Butter, first played by Muse at the Seaside Rendezvous concerts in September 2009 as it reminded of them of a rollerdisco they once attended in Teignmouth. Muse performed at the French show Taratata. Muse were interviewed after playing their cover of Popcorn and Bellamy claimed that he 'Thought he would play something especially for them'.

This song was released as a b-side on the Resistance single, but on the muse.mu limited edition vinyl and digital B-side bundle only.

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