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| Curr = JPY
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| SoldOut = No
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Muse show
Venue WTC Open Air Stadium[1] (Summer Sonic Festival[1] - Open Air Stage)[source?]
Date 12th August 2006[source?]
Location Osaka[source?]
Country Japan
Songs 11[source?]
Support (Supporting) Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance[source?]
Start 17:50[1][source?]
Capacity ~20,000[source?]
Price (JPY) 14,500[source?]
Sold out? No[source?]

Muse were second down the set list, playing after My Chemical Romance and before head liners Linkin Park. Matthew Bellamy slid along the floor on his knees during a solo, Dominic Howard asked the crowd if they "were up for it" in Japanese, and Bellamy played part of Plug in Baby with his guitar behind his head.[2]

Bellamy's guitar malfunctioned a "few"[3] times,[1] during the second chorus of Knights of Cydonia it cut out completely. To the disappointment of some fans[3] Muse ended their performance before their alloted time had come to an end. Map of the Problematique was cut out of the set list in the process.[1]

At this performance, Bellamy wore a red shirt with red trousers. Christopher Wolstenholme wore a black shirt with black trousers.



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