Nürburg Nürburgring 2018 (gig)

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Rock am Ring 2018
Muse show
Venue Eifel[1]
Date 2nd June 2018[1]
Location Nurnurgring[1]
Country Germany
Songs 17[source?]
Support Yungblud, The Neighbourhood, Beth Ditto, Kettcar, Kaleo, Snow Patrol[2]
Start 22:30
Price (Euros) 169[3]
Sold out?

Part of the Summer Festivals Tour 2018.


Muse are headlining Rock am Ring on June 2nd, 2018 alongside Rock im Park the next day.

The exact performance date was announced on March 15th. [4]

The show was broadcasted on the web[5] and 3SAT TV channel.

Undisclosed Desires tour debut, and first Unsustainable performance in Europe since 2013 (Helsinki, 2013-07-27)


After Psycho Bellamy "Gute Nacht Deutschland! (Good night Germany)".
Before Undisclosed Desires "Beatbox thing".
After Unsustainable Howard "How it's going there, Germany? Nürburgring, it's so good to be back, thank you to make this happen again, you guys are fucking awesome, great to see (???) to be back"
After Madness Bellamy "(???), Deutschland!"
Before Starlight "Put your hands in the air"
After Starlight "We love you"
Before Mercy "Yes! Let me see those hands in the air"
After Knights of Cydonia (???), we love you so much!
After Knights of Cydonia Howard (???) Cheers! (???)