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THF Poster
Wristband: General admission
Limited edition wristband
Muse show
Venue The Roundhouse[1][2] (iTunes Festival[1][2])
Date 30th September 2012[1][2]
Location London[1]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 16[3]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+1) 21:00[2]
Capacity 2000[4]
Price (GBP) 20[note 1][1]
Sold out? Yes[5]


Muse performed inside The Roundhouse on the 30th of September, to promote the release of The 2nd Law.[1] This gig, which was the last of iTunes Festival 2012,[2] replaced an earlier gig scheduled to take place at Battersea Power Station.

Tickets were available through three competitions, one which took place through iTunes, one at[1], and another held on[4]. The performance was webcast on the event's website and the stream could be watched either live or, for a limited time, afterwards.[6]

Four times in the gig, Bellamy added words into the lyrics. Those four songs were "Time Is Running Out," "Knights of Cydonia," "New Born," and "Plug In Baby."

iTunes have relisted the concert to watch, but have omitted 4 songs in which Matt Bellamy swore.


After Supremacy Bellamy "Hey, good evening Roundhouse! How're you guys doing? ... That last song was uh, a little bit influenced by a certain Jimmy Page, who I believe is in the building. It's a great honour sir."
After Map of the Problematique "Such a great venue, a great historic venue this one."
After Panic Station "Thank you very much, thank you."
After Resistance
After Supermassive Black Hole "Thank you very much."
Before Time Is Running Out "Check out this dubspep bass— deb— [giggles] Check out this dubstep bassline. 2003, take it away."
During Time Is Running Out "You can't push it underneath the fucking ground !" (instead of "You can't push me underground")
After Save Me Howard "Thank you."
After Madness Bellamy "Thanks a lot."
After Uprising "Thank you very much ... How you guys doing? Come on, England. That's more like it. [pointing][note 2] There he is."
During Knights of Cydonia "You and I must fight for our fucking rights!" (instead of "You and I must fight for our rights")
Before Plug In Baby "Cheers. An old number here. Old bastard, this one. This is an old bastard."
Before New Born "Hey, thank you very much. You guys have been great tonight. It's great to be back in London. It's been a while. Uh, I'd like to say thanks very much for coming down and uh, buying tickets and stuff. All the uh, all the proceeds are going to good charities tonight. So uh, feel free to buy a load of merch. [?] Good charities. Warchild, Helen Foundation. [Takes breath and clears throat] Origin of Symmetry. [looks at set-list] We played that at Reading and we didn't think we'd play many songs again, but we liked this song so much ... couldn't resist."
Before Survival "Woo! This next song is about ancient genetics, and shit hits the fan. Something to do with the Olympics."
After Survival "Thank you very much Roundhouse. See you in the O2!"



  1. Proceeds go to charity.
  2. Presumably to Jimmy Page.


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