Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield 2016 (gig)

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Show poster
Announcement of the cancellation on Muse's Twitter
Cancelled Muse show
Venue Hezarfen Airfield (Istanbul Blue Night)
Date 26th July 2016
Location Istanbul
Country Turkey
Songs /
Support Birth of Joy et al.
Start (GMT+3) /
Capacity /
Price (/) N/A
Sold out? /

Part of the Drones Festivals Tour 2016


Announced on April 1st 2016, that Muse would be headlining the Istanbul Blue Night festival in 2016 on July 26th.[1]

The event was cancelled one week before, with an official Twitter announcement by Muse on 19th July, 2016, due to a coup attempt in Turkey that took place the previous weekend on July 15th. Tickets were available for refund.[2]

If the gig was to happen, this would be the first time Muse performing in Turkey since 2006.


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