Ischgl Ski Resort 2016 (gig)

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Printed setlist.
Muse show
Venue Ischgl Ski Resort
Date 30th April 2016[source?]
Location Ischgl
Country Austria
Songs 15[source?]
Sold out?

First show after a 2 week hiatus and first festival performance in 2016.


This show did not include any LED screens behind the band as opposed to their usual festival performance during the Drones era. This was also one of their shortest sets on this tour. Sunburn was on the setlist but wasn't played. Agitated, which wasn't on the setlist, was played however. Map of the Problematique was meant to be played after Hysteria but was dropped due to technical difficulties.

Agitated was played for the first time since September 16th, 2015. The Handler was dropped. This is interesting since it was played at every gig since the Singapore gig in September 2015. JFK was played before Uprising for the first time this year.