Exeter BBC Studios 1999 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue BBC Studios (Radio 1)[source?]
Date 23rd November 1999[1][source?]
Location Exeter[1][source?]
Country UK
Songs 3[source?]
Support -[source?]
Start Unknown
Capacity -[source?]
Price -[source?]
Sold out? -[source?][[Category:Gigs in Exeter[1], UK]]

Often referred to as the "different takes session" because each of the songs was played somewhat differently to the studio recordings, for example Feeling Good was played on guitar and Recess featured lyrics from the Sunburn demo. This was the first live play of Feeling Good.


A recording can be found here

Set list

  1. Feeling Good (Guitar + Piano)
  2. Muscle Museum (Different Take)
  3. Recess (Sunburn Demo Lyrics)


  1. a b
    Reference needed!

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