a cold weather sampler number five (compilation)

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Cover art
Name a cold weather sampler number five[1][2]
Tracks 15[2][3]
Total length Unknown
Recorded Unknown
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy et al.
Producer Unknown
Art work Unknown
Publisher Urban Outfitters[2]
Format(s) CD[2][3]
Catalogue № 7209-URBAN[2]
Release date 2001[2][3]
compilation chronology
Alle 2001 Goed
a cold weather sampler number five
German Dance Awards – Essential House

Track list

  1. Coldplay – Trouble
  2. Bjork – It's Not Up to You
  3. Badmarsh & Shri – Signs
  4. Citizen Cope – Let the Drummer Kick
  5. Avalanches – Electricity
  6. Mystic – Neptune's Jewels
  7. Starsailor – Good Souls
  8. Soul Hooligan – Psychedelic Soul
  9. Muse – Plug In Baby
  10. Remy Zero – Bitter
  11. International Noise Conspiracy – Last Century Promise
  12. Radiohead – National Anthem (Live)
  13. New Order – Crystal
  14. Custom – Beat Me
  15. Her Space Holiday – Key Strokes



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