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His back was numb against the cold cell wall by now. It has almost been a day since ThomasGully had woken up with his limbs bound tightly together in what he can only assume was a holding cell. The thirst and hunger were starting to set in as he peered through the dark trying to figure out his location. But through the dark he was unable to see that the cell was windowless. 'Where am I' ThomasGully thought to himself. 'How did I get here'. Moments later the cell door swung open. His eyes burned like he had never seen light before. Attempting to block as much light as possible in order to see what was happening, ThomasGully managed to squirm out of the light enough to see 3 shadowy figures emerging from the door. His heart was racing. Considering his hands were bound, clothes stripped, and he wasnt fed, he didn't think these guys were ones to anger, so ThomasGully said nothing. He didn't Know what to expect and didn't want to risk his life by saying something stupid. The men stood there for a couple minutes before speaking, as if they were studying their prisoner. The man in the middle of the other two finally spoke up. "Before we get started we have a few simple questions. First off, how many of you were there?" Confusion boiled inside ThomasGully. WERE? 'What did he mean by were?' He thought. And then he remembered... the ambush. How could he forget. It was all his fault.. so many questions flew through his head. Who made it out?..and who didnt.... Where was his family? Had they made it out before the ambush? "I'll ask you one more time, how many of you were there?" The man's voice more stern this time. ThomasGully didn't even hear him the second time with all these questions running through his Head. Before ThomasGully could snap out of it and come up with some kind of reply, the 3 men had turned and begun to walk out of the room. "19" They turned to face ThomasGully, who had finally broken his silence. "Last I remember there were 19 of us. Then we got jumped in the middle of the night by a bunch of blind cowards" He said, glaring at the man in the middle. Judging by the beating he took, ThomasGully assumed they didn't like the coward remark too much. They took turns punching and stomping him until they grew tired. Leaving him on the ground bleeding and unconscious, the men had finally left.

About a month had gone by now and ThomasGully was no closer to answering any of his questions or finding his family. Aside from that, not a single person had come through that door since his beating. 'Why had they asked Only that ONE question? Why were they keeping me alive and locked away?' He had been receiving 1 meal and 1 cup of water per day. His wounds had just about healed away and he started to feel his strength slowly diminishing. They were slowly killing him. Wether that was their plan or not, ThomasGully didnt know. But he WAS dying.

After a couple more days the thoughts of death taking over and the fear of becoming one of those things had become more real then he could handle. The door swung open again. But this time, ThomasGully didn't flinch. Not even to block his eyes after a month of being in the dark. His mind was numb to the whole situation. 'Am I going crazy?' He thought. A figure appeared at the door. He recognized the voice as the man from a month ago. "Let's try this again shall we? Ill get syraight to the point. Where's the girl? " He asked. "Okay," ThomasGully said "Im ready" "Good" the man replied. ThomasGully took a deep breath. "Kill me" The man looked confused. "What?" He asked ThomasGully "Kill me, I am ready to die" The man sighed. He looked disappointed as he raised his pistol to ThomasGullys forehead. ThomasGully closed his eyes and smiled. *BANG!* Actual story by some guy called Ryan