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My profile picture/logo/icon/whatever you wanna call it it's a picture that represents me okay that's my point leave me alone

I'm Commenter, and I'm a C who makes a lot of memes and visits this wiki way too much. You can just ignore me, it's fine. But I kinda prefer if you don't, please love me.

The most I do is fix grammatical errors, make things cleaner, and correct really small things. But hey, anything constructive is helpful, right?

Fun facts about the regional_indicator_c

  • Almost a gigabyte of my computer is dedicated to my meme folder [1]
  • I'm running Win10, but I've messed with a bunch of stuff to make it look like WinXP. Almost everyone who has seen screenshots from me has said something like "wait is that xp lmao" [2]
  • I browse MuseWiki instead of doing things extremely important to my life
  • I used to make really terrible videos, now I make bad-ish videos that are funny and I enjoy making much more
  • I ironically enjoy Blippi videos because the guy is a fucking spaz and it's funny to watch him act like a weirdo in public
  • When editing videos, I actually do it rather improvised, you could say. I tend to get a base idea, then, I just start the editing process, and come up with all the jokes and extra details as I go along. I don't ever have a "script" or anything.

C's favorites in things that exist

  • My favorite numbers are 2 and 5, they're both tied
  • My favorite colors are Blue and Green, they're both tied
  • My favorite songs are Starlight and Bliss, are you seeing a pattern yet (Honorable mention to Hyper Music for being so fucking awesome)
  • My favorite game is Portal 2 (Woulda put Gmod, but I don't think it's fair to, considering it's everything)
  • My favorite YouTubers are Scott the Woz and LEMMiNO
  • My favorite Muse album is definitely Absolution. I'm not even gonna try to keep the theme of two favorites for this one. [3]

The third letter of the alphabet ranks Muse albums

Please don't kill me for this list I don't hate any of these albums whatsoever in fact I love them all the angry redditors are already coming for me SOMEONE GET A EXTREME AMOUNT OF DARTS AND SOME MONKEYS

# Album
1 Absolution
2 Origin of Symmetry
3 Drones
4 Black Holes and Revelations
5 Showbiz
6 The 2nd Law
7 The Resistance
🤔 Simulation Theory

Now, if you're not in the mob I'm currently trying to defend myself from, you might be wondering: "Why this order?" Well, to that I say... I really have no clue, this is just how I felt like ranking them. I enjoy all of them a lot. I guess it's more just a ranking of how often I feel like "Yeah, let's listen to this one!"

Commenter's OC Muse Meme Gallery

Click on the meme to see it in all its glory (yes that includes the videos)


The letter C was said approximately 68 times on this page. (Excluding the global stuff like the navbar/sidebar) Of those, about 11 were uppercase.