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Threshold is a progressive metal band formed in Surrey, UK in 1988.

On 5th February 2007 they announced in their official page that they "have recorded a cover version of the Muse hit Suppermassive Black Hole" and that "It will appear as a bonus track on a special digipak version of Threshold's forthcoming album Dead Reckoning."[1]

Richard West (keyboardist) about the cover

"It's a good Muse song and their recording is very cool, but we've made our version heavier and more powerful than the original. It works so well as a Threshold track that it sounds like Muse covered our song!"

In a interview with a French online magazine in February 2007, the interviewer asked Richard West about this cover.

On the limited edition of the LP, you included a cover of Muse "Supermassive Black Hole". Why did you choose this track and did you have other tracks in your shortlist ?

Yes, originally we were going to do a song by Ultravox called "Hymn", but then we heard "Supermassive Black Hole" and loved it. At the time it was the number 1 single in England, a very popular song. The original is quite soft and understated, so we thought that if we played it with powerful drums, big guitar riffs, powerful vocals, that would sound amazing. So we decided to do it and I hope Muse fans and Threshold fans will love it.


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