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As I was watching the live stream, I could've sworn Bellamy said something along the lines of "come see us (unknown show), we'll play some old songs" or something like that. This was right before a piano song, not sure, but I think he said it before Explorers. Can anyone either consult an unedited version of the live stream or someone who was there remember this. Small chance, but when I heard him say that I instantly thought of an Absolution anniversary show. - CitizenDisgraced

Well he very much on this gig, with is quite unsual.. ;) As i'm not a native speaker, some of Bellamy's where as ever a bit to fast to understand... What i understood was that they play some old songs when they return to london, emirates stadium... Would someone be so kind and analize the speech. Would be great... - Mo

I had trouble understanding him as well haha. I'm glad you mentioned "Emirates Stadium" because I think I mistook that phrase for "November 16th." I can't find it in the new cut they released on youtube so I guess we'll have to wait until they make an official announcement. - CitizenDisgraced

Does anybody know what riff is played before TIRO? Also something is wrong with the references and the gear for Explorers. I can't find a mistake, would be kind if anybody could. What's more, i'm not absolutly sure about the media information i've just added. Maybe someone could improve this information... thx - Mo

They played the same riff during the Portland show. No idea!