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Wasn't matt supposed to of used orange at some point early in muse's career?

Yes, I'm not sure if anyone know what model though. (0:37 on this video) --Muserwiki 10:17, 20 November 2007 (GMT)

Matt Bellamy Egnater M4 Modular preamps

A friend of mine over at is a employee with Egnater Amplification and he has informed me that Matt Bellamy of Muse has recently purchased 4 Egnater Modular pre-amps for the 2009 tour to be used exclusively in place of the Diezel, Marshall, and Vox heads. The modules that shipped with the Modular chassis were; VX, T/D, SL, and EG3/4. Each pre-amp are midi controlled very versatile. Here is Matt with his rig A/B ing the two rigs. Please note the modular M4 in the bottom of the rack. File:Http:// And here is a link to the thread that this came up in [1] Hope the info can be used.