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The building apparently featured in the screensaver

A promotional screensaver for Starlight is available from It consists of a constellation of stars that spins around and a timer, in front of a picture featuring a building and a silhouette of the three members of Muse. This is the same image as that which is on

Additional information and theories

The timer is counting down to Halloween. By changing the computer's clock to shortly before midnight on 31st October, a message will be displayed stating 'This is the end' and stating underneath 'undefined'. The 'undefined' message will presumably be replaced with another message from here at midnight. 'undefined' is returned as a result of a variable in the code being undefined.

The following my be unsubstantiated

It has also been suggested that the constellation of spinning stars changes as time progresses.

This screensaver could be a start to a quest, similar to The Quest for a Mongoose. The building in the background (seemingly the Fed building in Washington DC) could be a clue.

There could be:

  • An exclusive B side (An unreleased song about a Japanese general?)
  • A quest (see The Quest for a Mongoose)
  • A secret gig
  • The announcement of winners of the KoC Competition


The starlight screensaver finished it's countdown a little bit after midnight last night, and the message ¨// THIS IS THE END¨ came up with a link to Fans can ask Muse a question and upload a photo of themselves, specific details are as yet unknown.