Soldano Decatone

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Soldano Decatone
Matt adjusting his Soldano amplifier

The Decatone was first offered to the public in 1997 to celebrate Soldano's 10th anniversary (hence the "Deca", meaning Ten) and is built around the Soldano SLO100 amp.

The Decatone was mainly used during the Origin of Symmetry era and was also present during the recording of Origin of Symmetry.

The amp features 3 independent channels - a Bassmany clean, Marshally crunch and the overdrive of the SLO100.


  • 100 watt 3-channel head
  • Three Channel Head with Tube Buffered Effects Loop
  • 40 lbs. in weight
  • 9.5"(Height) x 25"(Width) x 9.5"(Depth)
  • Five 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Tubes
  • Four 5881 / 6L6 Power Tubes

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