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This is a webpage salvaged from the now-inactive fansite 'Showbiznet'. It was archived by the WayBackMachine on the 2nd of November 2002.

Sheperds Bush Empire, 9th May 2000

Muse are supporting tonight.This will probably the last time that Muse support anyone in this country.The wonderful thing regarding this fact is Muse are set up quickly-by this i mean i don`t have to wait until 11 pm for them to wander on stage.....

On they stride,looking self-assured,except for Matt who`s hair resembles that of someone who`s just stuck their fingers in a power socket!He fidgets nervously straping on his guitar,eyes transfixed firmly on Chris;then they`re off.They explode into a jamming session,energy already flying before Matt finally composes himself.

The journey begins with the familiar but haunting `Sunburn`.A song which played live comes alive accentuating Matt`s masterful guitar work;he knows this too and dances with his guitar,controlling it,pointing it skywards towards the stars.`Muscle museum` continues the melodious surge,the crowd singing along to every word in communual rapture.

Then we`re hit by the colossal force that is `Agitated`.I am prepared for it but most are not.Matt is gurning,Chris` headbanging is verging on dangerous and Dom is.....well in another world.Tonight this rocks more than Ozzy Osbourne`s cock,the stage literally moving.Hardly stopping for breath they launch straight into `Cave`.It is clear they are not going to stop.Matt is on his knees swinging his guitar at people,challenging them;even the camera mans assistant looks mesmerised.

Tonight Matt`s voice has never sounded so powerful,soaring through all the senses. Still continuing the dynamic rush,they play `Minimum`.What this reveals is a band so confident with their immaculate body of work,that they can include two b-sides in just a 7 song set.It`s delievered with the same monstrous energy,the crowd recieving it with ease.We want it because we need it.

`Plug-In-Baby`combines all 3 of Muse`s main qualities;intensity,hooky melodies and Matt`s psychopathic stage personalities.The riff is gargantuan and frightenly catchy.Vocally Matt takes on a schizophrenic role;the verses distorted,the chorus loud and proud.During this "new" song most are grounded,eyes fixed solidly on the possessing spirit of Hendrix. Then matt announces that "this is the last song".

The soothing,intimate opening to `showbiz` is flowing amoungst us now.I watch as Dom picks up his sticks to play the greatest drum beats that Muse have.It sends a shiver up my spine.Off we go again.This time though matt is angry,he knows he`ll be watched on MTV and he is going to go out in the song finishes he is lying on the floor.Is he going to?Is he?...Sticking his middle finger contemptuously at camera 2 he then leaps up and onto Dom`s drumkit.Chris joins in rage and they proceed to wreck it with Dom still aboard.He survives and so do we.....just.The same cannot be said for the drumkit which is now sprawled across the stage,reflecting how we feel.Torn apart so gracefully in the psychotic,prodigious bliss that is Muse.

But,they are only a support band aren`t they? Poor,poor Bush.


The above review was written by the great Rachael Shipley who will hopefully be supplying us with a kind of tour diary in June

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