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Behind the scenes of the Revolt music video
Behind the scenes of the Revolt music video
Behind the scenes of the Revolt music video
Muse video
Name Revolt
Album/single Drones
Length 4:25
Initial air date November 3rd 2015
Filming Location Prague, Czech Republic
Director Guy Shelmerdine
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The third music video from Muse's latest album Drones, shot in Prague, Czech Republic in the fall of 2015 and later released as a teaser on Muse's Facebook site a day before being released on Apple Music (November 3rd 2015).


The music video was directed by Guy Shelmerdine, and was produced in partnership with Apple Music and, a virtual reality production company.

The video is shown through the POV of drones, hovering above the action and interacting with it. Shot with mostly 360 degree cameras, it is meant to be a virtual reality music video, where the user can experience the action like the user was present at the location, which can be done by downloading the music video thourgh Vrse's app for iOS, Android or Gear VR. Users will also need a pair of virtual reality head-mounted display in order to experience it. The virtual reality version of the music video is also avalible through

Concept and Storyline

The music video is set in 2025, when "Government Drones fill the sky and freedom has been banished". It shows rebellious activists protesting against the "Government Drones", fighting the futuristic cyborg riot police and later taking control over them, with Muse appearing between these shots playing the song on their instruments.